Project Sponsor: The Chandler Park Conservancy


The Chandler Park Conservancy (CPC) is a federally tax-exempt Michigan not-for-profit corporation, formed in 2014 by the Chandler Park Promise Coalition (CPPC), a group of 25 organizations facilitated by Eastside Community Network from 2010-2014. The mission of the Conservancy is to develop exceptional educational, recreational and conservation opportunities for youth on Detroit’s eastside and the region, at Chandler Park.

During 2014 the Chandler Park project was endorsed by LEAP because it demonstrates how a formerly unused 200-acre park can be transformed for education, recreation, and as a demonstration site for major installations of green infrastructure – bioswales, rain gardens and a marshland – so that the Park can manage all of its own stormwater.

During 2015, Eastside Community Network incubated the Chandler Park Conservancy: organized an outstanding board of directors, successfully applied for tax exempt status and working with the CPC Board, achieved over $10 million in private and public financial commitments toward the CPC’s $25 million vision. In early 2016 Alex Allen was hired as the Conservancy’s first President/CEO. ECN serves as fiduciary for the Chandler Park Conservancy, which also leases office space in the ECN headquarters building.

For more information visit their WEBSITE or contact Alex Allen, President/CEO by calling 313-264-1415 or email


Project Sponsor: LAND, Inc.

The Green T is a demonstration of one of the LEAP typologies – Green Thoroughfare – an innovative form of land reuse which grew out of the Lower Eastside Action Plan. The concept is to repurpose a one-mile stretch of Mack Avenue, between Conner and Chalmers, which has been 90% vacant and blighted for several years, and to do it a way that demonstrates how the City of Detroit can respond to commercial corridors that lack demand for traditional commercial or retail uses. A “Green Thoroughfare” is a green by-way that seeks to either remove or decorate blighted structures, add public art, green infrastructure and renewable energy, and add a “complete streets” treatment to keep the street clean, green and attractive for nearby residents and passersby.

For more information visit their WEBSITE or contact Donna Givens, Interim Executive Director by calling 313-571-2800or email


Project Sponsor: Hantz Woodlands, a subsidiary of The Hantz Group


Transforming blight to beauty as vacant, abandoned properties are converted to fields for new agricultural production. Picture oaks, maples, and other high value trees planted in straight, evenly spaced rows. Grass between rows of trees will be mowed regularly, and flowering trees will be planted between streets and sidewalks to create a breathtaking place of beauty each spring and fall season.

For more information visit their WEBSITE or contact Mike Score, President via email at


Project Sponsor: Mack Avenue Community Church Development (MACC)

LEAP Partner 2

MACC Development is engaged in the full-scale rehabilitation of a 14,000 square foot commercial property located Mack Avenue (near Van Dyke). This property, known as the MACC Building, currently hosts MACC Development literacy and legal service programming, as well as various other community and faith-based activities. The building’s rehabilitation plans amount to a dynamic mixed-space community center: the building will include a laundromat, a coffee shop, a literacy center, a legal clinic, a collaborative work space, a community gathering space, a housing destination for overnight volunteers, and more.

For more information visit their WEBSITE or contact Jonathan Demers, Executive Director by calling 313-923-7214 or email


Project Sponsor: Genesis HOPE Community Development Corporation

Our Kitchen SYNC is a full service shared-use commercial community kitchen program that supports entrepreneurs in the food industry to develop and expand food processing and catering business opportunities under the guidance of talented leadership at Genesis HOPE CDC. The project includes the renovation of kitchens in two local churches to meet state and local commercial kitchen safety and code compliance for operations.

For more information visit their WEBSITE or contact Jeanine C. Hatcher, Executive Director by calling 313-571-0937 or email