Greening the Eastside Together

Greening the Eastside Together is a major policy recommendation that developed during the LEAP planning process and was originally called “Green Zone.”

This initiative is a collaborative approach – with LEAP collaborating with Eastern Market Corporation and Recovery Park – to transform the area from I-375 to Alter Road, I-94 to the Detroit River into a specially-designated “Green District” with incentives for investment in green, innovative economic development and environmentally sustainable projects.

The partners at the Greening the Eastside Together table are The Green Door Initiative, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, The Sierra Club, Eco-Works, the City of Detroit, Detroit Future City, The Packard Plant Project, Recovery Park, Eastern Market Corporation, Eastside Community Network, Genesis Hope CDC, Sustainable Community Farms, Chandler Park Neighbors and Partners, The Heidelberg Project, The Bailey Park Project.

Working together since 2014, the partners have a) visited six cities to look at similar efforts and developed a strategy from lessons learned from those visits, b) documented the dozens of “green projects” that are already underway in this district, c) highlighted several “tentpole” projects that can serve as examples of how the Green District can thrive, and d) finalized a marketing and messaging strategy.


For more information on Detroit’s Greening the Eastside Together call Sharde Fleming, Green Growth Coordinator of Eastside Community Network, at 313 331 3714.